About Us

Dhawalagiri Multiple Campus

College Motto:

गुणस्तरीय उच्च शिक्षा, आजकाे आवश्यकता, हाम्राे प्रतिबद्धता


The Campus is committed to maintain regularity.


The Campus tries to produce such manpower who will adopt global mission and obligation of the nation.


The campus respects all the thoughts, values, and culture gender and ethnicity.

Quality Education:

The campus determined to maintain qualitative education as well as excellence in all aspects.

Team work, Dedication or Determination:

The campus believes on collective spirit and dedication of team work to enhance the VMGO of campus.


The ultimate vision of DMC is to expand as a deemed university. 



The mission of Dhawalagiri Multiple Campus is to extend the facilities and easy excess of higher education at affordable cost and to establish the campus as one of the reputed academic centres of the nation as well as to produce quality manpower to fulfill the demand of the country and abroad.


  • To impart quality higher education.
  • To protect and develop national culture and tradition
  • Increase access to quality education for deprived and  minority groups in minimum fee.
  • Produce outstanding qualified and energetic graduates as per the necessity of market.
  • Expand students’ understanding of the impact and values of individuals and their choices on society intellectually and socially through group project and collaboration in learning communities.
  • Develop and maintain high quality academic programs.