Prof. Dr Ram Prasad Upadhaya


Dear Parents, well-wishers and students!

Welcome to Dhawalagiri Multiple Campus website. Dhawalagiri Multiple Campus (DMC) was established in 2019 BS as a community campus. Dhawalagiri Multiple Campus is the oldest and largest campus in Dhawalagiri area. DMC is located right in the lap of the Dhawalagiri Mountain and in the heart of Baglung District. The campus compound, which spreads over an area of 88-2-2 Ropanies of land, is bordered with mid hilly highway on the North east side. The campus faces Jeep Park area, the busiest shopping spot of Baglung Bazaar, on the West.

DMC was affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU) in 2023 BS and was included as a constituent campus of TU in 2030. DMC has been making uninterrupted efforts for promoting quality education in higher education. DMC has prepared its vision, mission, goals and objectives in line with the educational objectives of TU integrating the substantial academic expectations of the founders of this campus. The unparalleled efforts made by the founders of this campus is worthy of appreciation in that they donated in cash and in kind to materialize the dream of establishing a campus with special emphasis on  practical and quality education from the very early days of the campus. The strategic efforts have been made to enhance the quality, enlargement of the program and development of the physical infrastructure.

We welcome the creative feedback and constructive suggestions from all the well-wishers. We would like to accommodate the emerging needs and interest of the public and try our best to fulfill their academic needs. The efforts, participation and support of intellectuals, academicians, politicians and local community members have been the impetus for the progress of this campus from the time of establishment of this campus. Our emphasis on collaborating and involving the stakeholders for making and carrying out the policies has been more instrumental since TU has granted autonomy to this campus. Quality education in affordable fee has been the priority of DMC. We have done a lot to enhance the educational, administrative and infrastructural quality of this campus. Our SSR (Self Study Report), a comprehensive report of the educational, administrative and infrastructural facilities available in the campus, has been approved by UGC (University Grants Commission) and DMC is well prepared to be accredited with QAA (Quality Assurance and Accreditation), a mark of high quality educational institute.

The provision of scholarship and free ship for the outstanding students and the students from minority group has been the attraction for the outstanding and economically backward students. We are committed to increasing the enrollment and graduation rate of the students from socially backward group of the students. We have made an effort to help students get employed after their graduation. We are a team with highly experienced and dedicated teachers and staffs. Our uppermost concern is to produce our graduates equipped with knowledge, skills, and experiences.