Our Motto

Quality Education-Our Commitment

Who We Are Aspire To Be

Our Vision

Dhawalagiri Multiple Campus (DMC) aims to help building civilized, prosperous, and equitable society by providing high quality higher education.

Who We Are What We DO

Our Mission

  • To serve the community by offering quality education and research programs.
  • To disseminate knowledge, instil values and foster all-round potentialities through teaching, learning and creative research and extracurricular activities
  • To prepare highly competent, innovative and dexterous manpower.
  • To develop this campus as a grand academic centre that unifies all the colleges and educational institutes of the Dhawalagiri area.

Our Goals

  • To extend academic programs to fulfil the academic need of the society.
  • To impart quality and practical education for producing competent and skilled manpower.
  • To enable the students to apply the skill in problem-solving and teamwork.
  • To foster the academic career of the teachers/staff.

Our Objectives

  • To launch new programs on science and technology and Management faculty
  • To extend enrollment of female, dalit, marginalized, janajati, disabled, deprived, disadvantaged students.
  • To promote public participation and make a strong bond between the campus and the community.
  • To create student-centred and research centred teaching and learning environment.
  • To imbue a good moral and behavioural attitude to the students through outreach and extension programs.
  • To increase the graduation rate.
  • To ensure professional development of all the staffs ensuring the facility of study, research and career promoting trainings and workshops.
  • To develop field of academic research.
  • To develop effective and efficient administration.

Our Core, Values and Norms

  • Education both as an end and means of development
  • Holistic and integrated approach
  • Quality, equality and advancement
  • Justice, inclusion and active participation
  • Independence, impartiality and transparency
  • Team spirit and teamwork
  • Increase in investment for the development of the campus
  • Participatory and accountable system of educational governance & management.
  • Development and mobilization of human resource
  • Identification and utilization of non-human resources
  • Professional development of teachers and all-round development of students
  • Planned and sustainable development