Our Motto

Quality Education-Our Commitment

Who We Are Aspire To Be

Our Vision

Dhawalagiri Multiple Campus (DMC) promotes prosperous, civilized, and equitable society through academic excellence.

Who We Are What We DO

Our Mission

The mission of this campus is: To create academic environment for quality education that values proficiency, rationality and equality.

Our Goals

  • To create more advanced physical, pedagogical and technological learning resources.
  • To broaden the access to higher education through special incentives for poor and backward students.
  • To foster the career promotion opportunity for the teacher/staffs.
  • To promote the culture of enquiry and research.

Our Objectives

  • To systematize the instructional process through effective teaching, consistent academic appraisal integrated with internal examination and feedback for increasing graduation rate and educational quality.
  • To promote students’ engagement in receptive experiences through student centered pedagogical approaches, library use, research, community engagement, excursion and imbue a good moral and behavioral attitude to the students.
  • To manage sufficient experienced full time tutorial staffs for tutoring, feedback and other support through each student’s academic session.
  • To create more efficiency of the tutorial staffs through the provision of instructional resources and training, workshop, seminar and diversify the instructional techniques.
  • To launch admission campaign focusing on female, dalit, disabled, deprived and disadvantaged students.
  • To enlarge the accommodation capacity of hostel.
  • To coordinate with the alumni and perspective donors to install scholarship funds for assisting the poor and talented students.
  • To construct new library, new shopping shutters and hostel building and manage sufficient rooms for e-library.
  • To introduce more incentives for the faculties for the further study and research.
  • To create learning friendly instructional resources including well equipped library and departmental libraries with e-learning resources on diverse discipline.
  • To promote the research with the assistance of UGC, NGOs, local levels and financial social organization.